Project Background

Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 2 (O·PARK2) will be located at Sha Ling in North District and occupy an area of approximately 2.5 hectares. O·PARK2 will be able to treat 300 tonnes of food waste daily and produce biogas, which is a form of renewable energy.

In addition to providing electricity and heat for the facilities in O·PARK2, the surplus biogas will be used for generation of electricity.The residue from the process will be converted into fertilizer as a by-product for landscaping and agricultural application.

Project Scope

The scope of O·PARK2 comprises –
  • (a)Demolition of the existing above ground structures of the Sha Ling Livestock Waste Composting Plant (SLCP);
  • (b)Construction of the superstructure for an administration building and enclosed waste reception area;
  • (c)Installation of treatment facilities including waste pre-treatment equipment, digesters, biogas holding tanks, granulation, wastewater treatment, air pollution control systems; and
  • (d)Energy recovery system.

Project Profile/ EIA Study Brief

Submission/ Issue Date Description PDF Version
Apr 2011 Project Profile (EP - 460/2013) – Organic Waste Treatment Facilities Phase 2, Sha Ling
May 2011 EIA Study Brief No. ESB-226/2011 - Organic Waste Treatment Facilities Phase 2, Sha Ling